Space diseases (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


Rhinovirus - Like the Common Cold, but your nose extends and keratinizes


Crew Flu - Stomach bug characterized by being viable only in the specific crew/ship environment it developed it.


Plutonian Pox - slang term for a variety of non fatal but potentially debilitating skin diseases sourced from exposure to various xenobacteria.


Space Vertigo - A terrible disorientation of perspective and depth perception which leaves the observer constantly reeling during attempted movement, or more normally just bedridden- from the nauseating panorama. Often attributed to working overtime ship-side in zero Gee spacewalks.


Fuel Fever - A disease associated with hot environments, including engine rooms. As this disease is attracted to warm surroundings, it naturally raises your body temp through fevers and "The Sweats". Though not very contagious, it has been linked to a good amount of deaths per year as the energy required to produce such a high body temp not only leaves you extremely tired, but also dehydrated and starving.


Cryo Cough - Respiratory infection stemming from dirty O2 filters in a cryostasis chamber. Manifests 6-10 hours after wake up. Deep rattling cough, lasts for 1D10 days. Any checks made with strength, or speed are made at disadvantage.
If a doctor is on board and diagnoses and treats with proper meds, then the infection time is cut in half.


Jet Brown - Unsavory slang name given for lower intestinal parasite that can contaminate a ships water supply. This can happen when ice of asteroids is melted to replenish water supplies on ships and stations, and water purifiers fail to catch it.

Effect: Horrific diarrhea and stomach pain, striking every 10-15 minutes. Lasts for 2-4 days. If treated, infection time is cut in half.


Sugar Rush - Thought at first to be a Mental Disorder along the lines of Space Madness, it was soon discovered to be the cause of a space dwelling parasite, nicknamed the "Sugar Beetle". Part of the genus Cimex, these insects no larger than 4 mm, have been observed to survive in the vaccum of space for over 2 years. Once they make their way into a ship's interior, they wake from this slumber in search of a host. They can be picked up through consumption, through the air, or by the way of a wound. They inhabit the area inside the lungs, latching onto the tissue. There, they produce a strong adrenaline -like substance, producing all the same effects to a much higher degree, as to feed off the increased blood flow. Easily cured with an inhalable gas based formula, many victims get somewhat addicted to the high this parasite produces.

Gain advantage on all Strength and Speed roles, but every day (or DM's will) roll a Body Save (+10% for each day since the first) and gain 1d10 stress. If Failed, suffer a heart attack (d100 damage)


IBS (Irritable Blaster Syndrome) - You are mildly allergic to the compound used in most plastic/synth-rubber over-molding on most common weapons and tools. Common symptoms include extremely sweaty hands and uncontrollable itching of the palms which cause you to have disadvantage on checks when using tools/weapons when unprotected. After touching the material, you will exhibit symptoms for 1d10 hours. Prolonged exposure will cause swelling for 1d10 days and cause you to gain 1d10 stress when using your hands for anything more than basic ambulation.


Cryophage - Devours the frozen skin and lips of those in stasis, a process which takes several months.