Low budget android models (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


Friendo the friendly android
Copying advanced personality matrices is dirt cheap, synthetic flesh sculpting is not. Friendos are stuffed into practically anything;
skeleton frameworks with servos for joints, children's robo-dolls, animatronic puppets and mannequins. Their personalities are reset to factory settings at the end of every week and they always come back a friendly Friendo!


Recycled Special Purpose Android
Prior programming has been replaced, but there are still ghosts of the previous code present. A failed panic check can result in the Android reverting to its prior programming for (1d10+panic check failure roll result) rounds. Prior Programming: roll 1d10 (refer to pg 22 for new mercenary stats based on prior programming) 1. Surgeon 2. Combat (use Marine Specialist) 3-4. Engineer 5-8. Researcher (1. Biology, 2. Geology, 3. Computers, 4. Mathematics, 5. Art, 6. Chemistry, 7. Genetics, 8. Planetology, 9. Physics, 10. Archeology) 9. Sexbot 10. Blank Skillset (factory reset, just a really pleasant but dry personality)


Somebody thought a milk-blooded synth-flesh teddy bear would sell well, but they were wrong. These uncanny, soft-voiced teddy bears will walk around, asking if people want to play or try to calm down emotionally upset people. Teddy sales dove off the deep end roughly 3 months after they were released, but due to a massive surplus and an ill-advised self-replication sub-routine, these things are possible to find in most population centers, usually in alleys or in garbage dumps. Avoid talking to them, or they'll take it as an invitation to play and will start following you around.


SecureBot X000 models
Future equivalent of phony security cameras, the SecureBot models 1000 thru 10000  couple low-grade AI with increasingly flashy but non-functional security "equipment", e.g. obvious (but fake) video/audio pickups, fake sleep gas ports, fake blasters/lasers/other-energy-weapons, fake slug throwers, fake back-mounted light mortars, etc. etc. In reality, the SecureBot droids never do anything but make threatening noises and call 911. When you need probably good enough security for the least money....


a communications unit with an ancient model of telephone attached to its head that works as a portable long range communications unit. Has an uptime of 12 hours standing, 4 hours moving.


Advanced Disney character (or other child focused media corporation) animatronics that were re-purposed for low intensity labor and companionship.


XV8a Cleaners
hive minded janitorial 'droids used in large installations. Typically controlled as a single brain with multiple units, but were discontinued as some decided to enhance their functions with found parts, then broke free.


FNaF animatronics. You wanted it cheap, now deal with it.


Andies Stock Units
Beige skin without eyebrows or emoting features. Built for offworld colony terraforming work and given a four year life span. Highly resistant to damage from the environment but basically no human communication abilities beyond talking.


Dog bot
a bunch of old pet animal models that were made cheap and easy to replace parts to act as family pets. Has surprisingly good processing power.