Why do we need to split up ? (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


4 corridors, 4 objectives, 4 people - zero problems!  Let's meet back at the airlock in 20 minutes.


APC is broken, we're out of food, O2 tank is leaking and a storms coming in.


The reactor goes crit in about an hour  which, needless to say, is seriously bad for us. If  you two go prep the shuttle now while Karl and I load this cart with supplies, we can be out of here in 30 or 40 minutes. We'll meet you at the shuttle in say...25 minutes.


The suits are taking us into separate interrogation rooms to grill us about what went on out there.


There’s a fire in the cryochamber and a merc vessel just dropped out of hyperspace. Man the railguns.


Critical malfunctions occur in two modules simultaneously and require immediate attention.
Roll twice on the following table for which modules are affected: D10 (1. Life Support, 2. Command, 3. Thrusters, 4. Engine, 5. Fuel Line, 6. Restroom, 7. Galley, 8. Airlock, 9. Gravity Generator, 10. Waste disposal/recycling)


The platform is collapsing into the lava below and someone needs to man the crane to move the cargo to the other platform.  But they're shooting at us.  And the reactor is overloading.  Plus, they're shooting at us.


Two of the crew are starting a band and staying behind here in the sector. Captain also says his ship is being repossessed, so you're on your own kid.


It’s chewing up the Hull. We need to go outside and kill it before it finds a way in. And you need to steer us out of orbit before we tumble into the planets atmosphere.


Somebody needs to lead a diversion!