Alien Artifacts (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


A glowing orange ball with a permeable membrane with a diameter the size of a football field. When you place your hand on it, it’s gooey surface pulls you in, releasing a flood of endorphins. Inside the ball you trip for what feels like years. The ball shrinks and disappears over the next d10 hours until you and anyone who touched it are laying on the ground. Your DNA and all your memories have been beamed to an ancient alien race somewhere out there and your mind is forever linked with them as you become a walking low-Jack for them. You see them in your dreams. Gain the hyperspace skill if you don’t already have it. Otherwise gain theology. Also gain the psionic ability: Deep Navigator. You can gain a sense of what’s in an unknown sector before jumping there by rolling a STRESS (hyperspace) check. If you succeed you know where you will end up and what the situation is like there. Critical failure forces a panic check and failure means a nosebleed and 2d10 STRESS.


The Waking Sleep and the Tender Hand :
The Waking Sleep is a steel collar with a single hose-needle on the inside that inserts just under your medulla. When worn, you may activate a five-minute Fugue State during which you have an effective SANITY and FEAR save of 90 and +10 to your combat stat, but you automatically fail any INT roll. Every additional time you use The Waking Sleep in a 24-hour period, its SANITY and FEAR saves decrease by 5 (first to 85 each, then 80, etc). Should you fail a SANITY or FEAR save while The Waking Sleep is activated, it short-circuits and permanently grafts itself to your skin. From that moment on, you can no longer voluntarily activate it; instead, any time you fail a Sanity save the Fugue State turns back on for an hour. Critical failure means your fugue state is permanent.
The Tender Hand is a disturbingly organic device made of black rubber. When you hold the Tender Hand, you can remotely turn on the Waking Sleep’s Fugue State. Anyone in a Fugue State automatically obeys your commands.


A fleshy pulsating hand harness which locks around your fingers. When worn you may sculpt touched flesh as if it were clay.


Amazing Flash Gordon space helmet with fins & aero-vanes, built in blaster ports, etc. When worn, grants skill/ability boosts to be determined by Warden. Also beams hyperspace signal to Azathoth/Plane of the Gaunts/Faceless Horrors of the Void/Queen Empress of the Xenomorphs that the snack bar is now definitely open.


Rubik's Cube, randomized, broken. If solved, has star map to Ancient Treasure Vault which is actually just space-rappan-athuk. "Broken" aka two of the pieces were pulled off and swapped, so as to be unsolvable in current form. A Space Hermit over in the asteroids around a planet in the Deneb system knows which two pieces were swapped.


Liquid crystal body suit. Protection from the vaccum of space, would look great on you.


A petrified woodwind instrument that, when played appropriately on planets within the correct sector, makes the player perceive an encouraging ensemble accompaniment by other unseen musicians. The alien, fantastical music they play encourages the PC to change their inclinations on how their own notes and tempo should be executed. The PC begins to lose interest in all other motivations as the jam sessions with these unknown, possibly extra dimensional beings begin to consume the player of this instrument. They must either exhaust, humble and silence the band with superior musical innovation, or leave the sector behind forever, giving it wide berth in future travels- or succumb to strange performances on long abandoned planets for eternity...


Silver mirror surface statue figure about 6 inches tall. Could be a person with crossed legs and raised arms if you squint at it or if you understand abstract art. Seems light weight but nearly impossible to knock over despite looking top heavy.  Icy cold to the touch regardless of environment. Every d100 minutes figure changes ever so slightly as figure seems to turn or move as if surface became liquid. . PC who only sees occasionally might not even notice.... if someone is touching it when changes will notice it becomes almost too hot to hold.   Staring at it closely you could almost swear it was two way glass with someone looking back at you...but that’s not possible, right?


Giant ship, 2 miles long, looks to have crash landed on a planet 10,000 years ago, planet shows signs of having had humanoid civilization, catastrophic environmental events caused by ship's crash. Ship seems to be made for both giants and human-sized humanoids. Salvageable, contains what appears to be vehicles that can be changed from atmospheric plane, to hybrid robot/plane, to giant robot. Big hydroponics bay, holds some kind of flowers in stasis.


A piece of super technology that appears as a Ball-Peen Hammer that teleports whatever it hits (Within reason) to a random location within 100 meters.