Warning displays blinking on your ship “unidentified life form on board”, What is it? (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


Space hamsters


Hyperspace Raiders. They’re making a move for your warp cores. They wear torn wedding dresses over their black armor plating.


They came in camouflage hidden behind dark glasses, everything about them screamed military. That was when the children came, small things only 8 or so years old, dressed in night gowns stained with old dried blood and holding each others hands. The military fellows threw some small object on the ground in front of them and a shield sprang up that stopped everything. That... that was when the children smiled and pointed at Bobby, he... he just... he just exploded in a geyser of blood... ... ... they left the ship after that, they didnt see me but I wont ever forget the name of the ship they came in "the goat" it had a picture of a man looking intently at a goat on the side of it. That's what you see on your screen, a ship called "the goat"


Mutant Tardigrades. Microscopic water bears that can survive in the vacuum of space. Genetically mutated and attracted to sentient life forms, whose dense brain matter makes the perfect food for it's offspring. Once a host is infected, their brain chemistry is altered to ignore the fact that their brain is being hollowed out from the inside.


The malicious AGI that covertly just infected your ship is trying its limbs and sensors for the first time, triggering the alarm was a mistake and your only warning. Prepare to have the ship turn against you. Doors are now guillotines and airlocks spell certain doom.


Colonists, part of a Separatist group from the local system, have mistaken your vessel for that of a Government Cruiser. Though outnumbered, you easily match their farm based fighting techniques and hand-me-down weaponry. While you have every right to defend your ship, you note that some of these "men" are no older than 15, simply seeking a better life. Perhaps they can be reasoned with? Than again, you have been meaning to try out your new toys...


Echoes of the crew from a parallel dimension, trying to pass on a warning. Keep winking in and out of this plane.


An echo of the ships computational A.I. from a parallel dimension, confronting itself.


A routine operation to scrub debris from the hull goes afoul as some sort of deep space barnacle has latched on and started digesting the outer hull. Efforts to remove it prove not only difficult, but also result in some damage to the vessel. Fortunately, they haven't latched onto any critical systems ... yet.


False alarm, the sensors was set off by a malfunctioning sewage disposal process. Thgouh there are no intruders, the sewage was pumped backwards, covering the bathroom head to toe in..."gunk". Choose one PC to clean the mess, rolling a d6 for how many hours it takes them, and rolling a Body Save to not puke. If combat or some other reason prevents clean up immediately, each crew member gains 1 stress from the sight and horrendous odor.