Surprising details about those legendary Jump-9 Colony Ships (d10)

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Androids actually do age - but not how you think.


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The long term cryo stasis pods are actually so expensive that the passengers are instead allowed to die of old age in medically induced comas. They are secretly replaced with clones with memory implants periodically. Most passengers suspect nothing, while a few wonder why scars they have had from childhood have suddenly gone missing.


Its not a space colony at all, its a massive tourist attraction on earth where colonists are showed off through 1 way mirrors.


They don’t travel a great distance in space, rather they travel a great distance backwards in time. Planets they colonize end up being eventually the planets they came from.


All organic food ran out years ago, colonists are cloned and eaten regularly. Only a few know of this onboard the station.


The simulation ends this far out. Try surviving on one-dimensional low-poly planet cut-outs.


It's actually just a nine jump 1 drives running in series, which is why the jump drive room is so large. Engineers have found that anything more than a "jump 9" type of drive will actually mess with the space time continuum too much and weird things happen, and they tend not to be good.


Most Colony Ships had a person integrated directly to the ship's computer core. They went by many names. "Navigator", "Fleet Command" or "Father". Many of these people would refuse to separate from their ship, and would rather die in a tomb of wires, silicon cores and blinking LEDs.


They will return as one. An amalgamation of metal and flesh, the harbringer of an idiot god.