Rare customized firearms (d10)

From Mothership - The Hive-mind discord channel

d10 Result


Caleb’s Spitting Cobra.
Standard Pulse Rifle with blowtorch nozzle welded underneath. Has enough fuel for four gouts of flame. Critical failure on attack and those tanks explode right into your chest.


Antique Slugthrower Pistol.
Similar to its modern relatives but it accelerates its projectile ammunition using combustion instead of magnetic acceleration. If used in a zero-g environment, the resulting recoil causes the user to rotate away from the direction of the projectile unless braced. Ammunition is incredible rare but even non-lethal injuries can easily end in death if the right medical tools are not available.


Laser pistol.
Always hits, deals 10d10 damage. Slags itself after one shot.


Huge Gold AK-47.
It is actually a Chinese Type 51 and it’s gold plated because a gun made of gold wouldn’t work. However it looks showy and the grips are textured cubic zirconium.


Seize the Means of Production.
Commonly jury rigged in the labor uprising on Echo November Prime, this is functionally an elephant gun in which two nailgun barrels sit beneath a modified laser cutter that throws a massive, slicing arc. Used by suicidal and desperate shock troopers from amidst the miners to create hull breaches and leave their enemies suffocating in space. Stenciled on both nail box feeds is : "CIAO BELLA" and "NO, THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS"


Lucky Punk.
A massive 6 shooter using a gravity cylinder feed (the barrel is at the bottom rather than top of the cylinder and the hammer is internal to prevent jams). Used by private detectives with rich imaginations, it comes with a carbine conversion kit that provides a stock and longer barrel for better aim and range. Carved into the stock is "A DAME TO KILL FOR"


A shotgun with an integrated artificial intelligence that shoots as many swearwords as it does shot pellets. It really rips you up verbally and physically. They call it "Insult2Injury"


a heavily modified tranquilizer pistol that injects its sedative into the trigger finger of the wielder. Sometimes used by bounty hunters who find themselves on the wrong side of their own weapons. The handle is inlaid with mother-of-pearl reading "Come Quietly".


A modified assault shotgun that fires nanopellets meant for putting down Android resistors. Each pellet is a veritable petri dish of nanoviruses, Androids must make a Body save at disadvantage when shot or else fall unconscious and begin suffering major corrosion (death in 1d10 hours). Highly regulated by whatever remaining government authority there is. Expensive and sought after in the rim colonies.


A giant-barreled long gun, blued steel with the inscription "What happens when you make a man-sized hole in a man ?"