Space pets (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive discord channel

d10 Result


Crow. Remembers everything said in earshot of it, ever, and can perform conversations given a date and time. Responds to commands like "Rewind" and "Fast Forward."


Dog. It can track things by scent given a small sample. It's vulnerable in serious combat, but if desperate it can hold its own for a few rounds.


Colony of extremophiles. Lives in (and consumes) toxic heavy metal compound based enviroment, often comes in beautiful terrrariums of terror.


Cat. Great company, also can sense xenomorphs


Uplifted Orangutan. Is no one's pet, but filled it in on the paperwork to avoid getting drafted by the Company


Shadowy leathery flap (alien biology) (flying). Can be directed like hound dogs given successful intellect roll. Forces it's way onto victims face and into throat where it will lay dormant until stirred once more. Mainly adored by Androids, often in secret


Gelatinous sludge-puppy. A clever mix of animate fluid technology, a small imitator computer and a colony of specialised bacteria serves as half pet, half sanitation system. To avoid issues with fluid in zero gee, this gel-like creature is mostly formless, runs over skin to clean it, and can be programmed to act like one of a variety of pre-programmed pet types - this can be modified by someone willing to put in the effort.


A macaw spliced with portia DNA. It can split cognitive processes into stackable chunks nearly indefinitely. It understands what you said, but only after minutes of processing.


Swarm of 0-g adapted cuttlefish. Modified for technical and computer assistance. Adorable little bastards.


Bioluminescent zero gee adapted jellyfish. Turns out the harsh environment of the deep sea isn't so different from deep space, and with a little effort and biomechanical trickery, its inhabitants be adapted for zero gee. These jellyfish like creatures can even survive no atmosphere for a bit, but they'll probably be heavily damaged. With a synthetic nervous system, they can be set to follow people, sounds, or dance ethereally