Vendor NPCs (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive discord channel

d10 Result


MORGAN THE MAGNIFICENT! MORGAN has MANY TREASURES to sell you! ALL 100% FUNCTIONAL! Pay no mind to the android behind the curtain!


Hello, I'm Carter Burke from Weyland-Yutani. I'm looking for a sharp team to retrieve a couple of xenomorph specimens from LV-426. Look, those specimens are worth millions to the bio-weapons division. Now, if you're smart, we can both come out of it as heroes and we'll be set up for life.


Auto-vend 3000b - can 3d print plastic, metal, wood, stone, and limited organic material, “please insert plans and press Start to continue.”


Daddy-0(00101) - Sells add-ons, or "daddies"; black-market personality or skill soft-ware for Androids (Voids Warranty). Will not sell wet-ware to flesh-bags or organics.


Honest Earl's Reliable Guns. He sells the very best second-hand guns. Some guns have kill scores, which ups their price a bit. But hey, at least you know the gun has killed something! Why horse-trade for guns when you can get a better deal from Honest Earl?


Button’s tent:

A dog-sized dung beetle standing on two legs, wearing a polka-dot apron as she tries to juggle her business and 68 hyperactive children raised on human action movies.
A refugee from an allied uplifted species, she sells things from home and crafts made from her own quickly regenerating chitin.

She loves edible gifts and toys for her children. While she cannot vocalize human speech she has a tape with phrases that various customers have recorded for her. There’s always a need for more!


Frett the poisoner. Sells poison converted tranq guns and had a wide array of self destructing android dealers. Look for DONT FRETT spray painted on bulkheads on fuel up space stations.


The Devil’s Frequency

Provide coordinates and an item request to the silent frequency. Requested item will arrive after 2D10 minutes in a black boarding torpedo as long as you are within Sol.

They will come to claim the debt


Riggzies Repairs. When you have no other options and money's tight, visit Riggzies. There's nothing he can't fix. Prices negotiable, warranty length directly correlated to price paid.

The repair business is a front for highly enriched warp cores. Will only sell them to those he trusts. Trust can be bought with DNA data from the crew.


Crazy Makoto's Ammo Vendorium: A bunch of repurposed vending machines that sell bullets by the magazine. Can't miss them, they're the ones with the weird anime girl art all over it and the hyperactive AI with the stutter. The identity of the actual Crazy Makoto remains a mystery