Weapon Attachments (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive discord channel

d10 Result


Motion Tracker:
Reveals any moving object up to 20 meters away, does not distinct between varying altitude levels.


Configurable Launcher:
Capable of launching any object no larger than a baseball up to 30/70/150 meters. Direct impacts deal 1d10 damage.


Shoulder Strap:
actions to draw the attached weapon are free.


Reduces the noise of a fire arm, halving the distance at which enemies can detect a gunshot by sound


Corner barrel:
A hinged mechanism and camera feed that allows the user to point the gun around corners while remaining in total cover. Requires interface with a HUD


Combat shotgun snub nose: The combat shotgun is easily stored or stowed.




Vibroripper: A snap-on attachment for a vibrochete designed to shred vacsuits. Causes attacks to irreparably compromise the integrity of oxygen-supplied armor. Gives the vibrating action a loud, rattling buzz (hence its nickname, Wasptail)


Combat recognition lock, an attachment for any trigger based weapon which adds a small finger print scanner to the weapon. If an unauthorized print is detected to come in contact with the weapon it delivers a shock to the user, just enough to force them to drop the weapon. A favorite of murderers over-attached to their guns, and prison guards alike.


Percussive Shield Elephant Ears, limited usage battery operated: generates a circular shield of rebounding graphene light particals which shield user from incoming fire or intentional explosions.