Repo Complexities (d10)

Brainstoming ideas to help make starship repossessions more complex and interesting.

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Note that most of these issues will create a little problem if the adventurers know about them when the adventure starts, but much more of a problem if they are discovered on the planet, or (even worse) when the repo is underway.

For all of these issues, remember that the leasing company (who the adventurers work for) probably made the loan based on the laws of their home planet and the debtor company's home planet, but the ship might now be in a very different place, with very different rules.

Part of my Corporate Repo campaign for the Traveller Universe.

d10 Result


Others have priority on seized assents.  On this planet one or more of the following groups have higher priority to be paid off as compared to the adventurer's employers:

  • Government fees or taxes.
  • Employees of the debtor company.
  • Companies that provided goods or services to the debtor company.
  • Customers of the debtor company.
  • Locals (rather than off-worlders, such as your employer).


Repossessors must notify one or more of the following groups on the planet before taking action to seize the starship:

  • Notify the local court system.
  • Notify the police.
  • Notify some other branch of the government, such as the ministry of transportation.


Repossessors are not allowed to do things that you might expect would be legal.  For example, they might not be allowed to trespass, carry weapons, or create a "public disturbance" (which might mean something different on this planet, than they expect).


The planet is much more violent than the repo crew is used to.  The planet is lawless, police-less, government-less, awash with guns, or all of the above.  This repo mission is closer to a mercenary ticket than a classic repo.


The planet has laws requiring the repossessors to formally notify the debtor that they are going to physically seize the starship. It might even have rules allowing the debtor to pay off his loan at this time (and the repo crew to wait some number of days to allow this to happen).


The spaceship (the target of the repo) actually has several different liens on it, so there are potentially multiple banks/leasing companies with the legal right to seize the ship.  Things could get very complex (especially if some of the liens are from organization which have special rights as described in result #1).


Your employer (the leasing company or bank) does not have the legal documents required to prove ownership.  Or maybe it's just that the adventurers don't have the documents with them at this moment (they had to leave for the planet before getting them, or whatever).  Depending on the legal situation, this might be a huge problem, or something that can be fixed with a bribe, or something inbetween.  Maybe even nothing, unless the repo team ends up in jail, in which case it is suddenly a big deal.


The ownership of the company which is behind on payments is more complex than you thought.  Maybe it has the local mob as a silent partner, or maybe the local government.  Maybe it's actually a co-op or partnership which is covered by different rules.   Or maybe it is a corporation entirely composed of a different species, which has very different ideas on ownership.


Due to some fraud, the ship is not now, nor was it ever, owned by the company that the leasing company thought owned it.  Or that company has already gone into bankruptcy, and some other company has seized the ship, so now your repo action would like to target the new owner (who you think is not entitled to the ship), but the local law might see it differently.


The repo team might discover that the leasing company does not have legal standing on this planet.  Maybe they are not registered to do business here, or their local agent is part of a persecuted minority, or whatever.