Small strange sculptures found hidden in the dead mans locker (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive discord channel

d10 Result


Ancient stone fertility statue


The Virgin Mary, with an insectoid visage


A very life-like scarab made of basalt


A hollow, seamless, clear quarts cube with unknown beasts carved in negative into the inside


A flute, tuned to an odd key, made from bone of an unknown creature


Perfect metallic sphere with whorls of etchings and different colored oxidation. Make a speed check when picking it up. Upon failure take 2d10 damage as your hands are shredded by blades popping out of the sphere.


A masked figure carved into some kind of stone, maybe three inches tall and an inch thick. The mask itself, carved separately and cleverly slid into place, can be moved to reveal a primitive-looking circuit board which houses a small, black button


Featureless black cube. Can be read by any expert in shadow megacorps and their espionage shell companies, declares alleigence to a hypothetical corporation created by the stock market on Maritius IV, has no employees, no board of directors, no headquarters and yet holds shares worth 1% of the interplanetary stock market. Technically of infinite worth, actually of none, fatal to own.


The symbol of a terrible group of space pirates who was destroyed 40 years ago. Allegedly.


A mannequin head with real eyes in its orbits