Cryosleep defrosting mishaps (d10)

from Mothership - The Hive discord channel

d10 Result


Advanced aging: time dilation error in the computational clock, everyone ages 2d10 years


Chemical imbalance in the cerebral cortex - everyone wakes up with no memories


Numbness in hands and arms for d10 days. Every action which would require a steady hand (mechanical repair, jury rigging, firing gun, etc) rolled at disadvantage


Cryomind malfunction. Everyone pass their characters sheets to the left.


Cryo-nightmares. Your body was frozen but your mind maintained consciousness. Your trip counts as having been in solitary confinement, but the doctor insists your mind was asleep. He has the ECG readings to prove it.


Secondary Self. Prolonged reflection on your life has caused you to externalize some aspect of yourself that causes you distress. During downtime the DM sets their plans in motion (they do not wish to harm the crew or kill their host).


Hibernation sickness - suffer blindness and weakened senses and physique for d10 hours after defrosting. All actions are at Disadvantage during this time.


Circadian circles turned off: you can't ever sleep again.


Cool As A Cucumber: A good jump's rest has cleared your mind and revitalized your soul. Remove 1 Stress per jump level.


Personality change: All your stats rotate down one slot until dealt with the same as stress relief.