Blank Verse Golem Generator (d20)


Written by Patrick Stuart - Dark of Hot Springs Island pg151

A random result will be collated from each column

d20 Sound Shape Substance Does But...


The creak of fresh young trees in morning breeze

A maiden, snakes and flowers wreathed in her hair

Built of cinnabar-stained terracotta

Who follows strangers, picking up lost things

And hates the sight of oddly fingered hands


The soft companion calls of nesting birds

A woman, naked, toothless mouth stretched wide

Carved from whinstone, its features celestite

That chases shadows with a mirrored lamp

But maddens and spirals on sight of gold


Sinister children, laughing at a crime

A girl with puppy molded in her arms

Assembled from rough handfuls of gray clay

That picks out yellow flowers and braids in wreaths

Attacks in wild zigzags if spoken to


Agonizing, deep, monotonous drips

A black-eyed pregnant girl with fist-clenched hands

Beautifully carved by hand from green siltstone

Collecting coins held in an upturned skull

That flails, goes mad, when it hears the word ‘why’


The laughter of a party through a wall

A crone curled like a hoop on hands and feet

Made from gray porphyritic dacite bands

Chasing butterflies of one exact shade

Will track you till it hears a lie, then strike


The plinks of prowling claws on polished stones

A bowed-head female slave, ceramic chains

Molded from veined, slow-cooled obsidian

Who skins a house, rebuilding it elsewhere

Kills only the first person to draw blades


A high-voiced something moaning in its death

A happy child held in a tiger’s mouth

Sculpted greasy clinkstone that rings with blows

That twists up any shining metal thing

Will drag you to an underwater cell


A slow creaking door that’s suddenly slammed

Mutilated male, artisanal scars

Half-carved from lumpen pegmatite in black

Who tends a garden hidden out of sight

Tries plucking every seventh eye it sees


Low irregular muttering of your name

A grinning child that rides a frightened hound

Assembled from rough trachyte with pink bands

Lighting lamps each night, in daytime, repairs

Loves magic, extracts mage brains when it can


Very occasionally, blades, secretly drawn

Fine-featured boy leading a lumbering ape

Baked and glazed from white clay, then rudely inked

Does single surgeries on every corpse

Compulsively breaks the symbols of gods


Tempo, regular, rhythmic, with no end

A whorish woman carved with broken limbs

Hacked rudely from yellow-black needlestone

Endlessly carving pebbles with a pin

Seeks death in the volcano, with you too


An asinine melody with hidden clicks

A girl, pecked by flocks of bolted-on birds

Carved from green marble with chabazite face

Makes pipes, fills them, lights them, leaves them burning

Castrates the smallest person in a room


Daft jingly crap, interrupted by screams

A king, carved crippled and deformed, no eyes

Handmade from gray-black skarn, its crystals smoothed

Building a pyramid of songbird skulls

Fears teeth and attacks all smiles instantly


Gulls wheeling, dislocated from the source

A shivering old man, stick sharp and cool

Scrimshawed from one white impossible bone

Carefully milking venom from caught snakes

Will rage against you till you scream, then leave


A duet with the world’s ambient sounds

A woman engulfed in hand-crafted burns

Hand cut from polished black peridotite

Polishing glass lenses in its hands

Thinks cries for help are music, makes them so


A dance tune, fast enough to break your legs

A haughty noble, naked from the waist down

Made in grays and greens from banded rhyolite

Digging traps, random deadfalls, back to back

As well as eating knives, it grabs by force


A bubbling, babbling, cackling screaming stream

A hunter whose head is swapped with his catch

Fired slow from oddly colored sectite clay

Invites you to a ruined home, sits down

Needs to strip everybody of their shoes


Stumbling music, sleepily played and drawn

A vacant-featured priest, belled like a fool

Constructed of nephrite and limestone

Steals food and takes it to a guarded corpse

Must strike once for every sentence it hears


Apes making mockery of elfish tunes

A blind teacher and bright function-less child

Made of granite, picked out in kyanite

Grabs glass to mass reflections of the moon

Must kill its own reflection in your eyes


Companion to the thoughts inside your mind

A builder muted with a face-struck brick

Carved from sandstone with blue ptygmatic veins

Hunts animals and starves them in clay pots

And loves to make wanderers lost, then watch