Space Opera Plot Hook Generator (d20)

A generic sci-fi scenario/mission generator.

A random result will be collated from each column

d20 What do you have? Where does it need to go? Who else wants it? What do you need? Who can help you?


A little girl with a dark secret/

The edge of known space at coordinates x,y,x.

A team of expert bounty hunters.

Guarantees of safety for someone's dependants.

A legendary ghost ship populated with androids.


A planet destroying bomb.

The heart of the galaxy.

A large crime syndicate.

Better weapons and shields.

Your real boss.


The sacred royal treasure of a prominent alien race.

The chief historian of the Imperial Archives.

The Emperor of the Galaxy.

A new, more powerful reactor core.

A team of adrenaline-seeking smugglers.


The cryogenically frozen body of someone important.

A secret temple on a remote planet.

A powerful corporation or one of its subsidiaries.

A new mechanic/technician with flexible morals.

A tenancious street kid you met when you got here.


The only signed copy of the peace treaty.

One of the last known pockets of the resistance.

The person/faction that hired you.

Supplies. [Flip a coin then reroll one of the if you get both].

The planetary governor's younger brother.


A powerful new energy supply.

To someone that can keep it safe for us.

A rogue government official/office.

Permission from a governing body.

An untrustworthy acquaintance of yours.


A critical resupply.


A pirate captain.

A new engine.

An old sage.


An artifact of a legendary ancient alien race.

A maximum-security prison on an uninhabited world.

A new alien race recently risen to space-faring.

Something to distract your opposition.

A mysterious stranger who contacts you out of the blue.


A religious relic of crucial importance.

An uninhabited world you had to hole up in one time.

A militaristic faction with dreams of galactic domination.

Something to safely contain what you are carrying.

Someoneyou saved back in the war.


An illegal weapon.

Your old boss.

Its rightful owner.

More fuel.

An eccentric reclusive scientist.


An experimental starfighter.

The alien's despot king.

Your rivals.

Advice from a sage.

A crewmember's ex-wife.


The only working FTL drive.

Agents of the imperial army.

A remorseless general.

An extension of your contract.

The captain's mentor.


The survivors of a genocide.


Whoever you stole it from.

The blueprints for your ship.

The bishop.


A gentically engineered clone.

A neglected mining colony way out on the frontier.

An important cleric of the Imperial Diocese.

Back pay for the last job you did for this employer.

A disgraced polician infamous for scandalous habits.


A virulent disease.

Your father.

A former lover.

An advance payment.

No one but yourselves.


The last specimens of an endangered organism.

A top secret deep space research lab.

Nightmarish creatures from outside the galaxy.

Something to fix the radiation/fluid leak.

A grizzled war vet with nothing left to lose.


One metric tonne of a powerful narcotic.

The ship doctor's compatriots/lab.

Someone you left for dead back in the war.

The planet you are on is quarantined.

The leader of the local insurgency.


The blood soaked body of the universe's most powerful diplomat.

An underworld contact who you think will give you a good price for it.

Your old boss. [Flip a coin, then reroll one of the two if you get both.]

A new AI, this time a little less sarcastic (Dont' hold your breath.)

A few of the Emperor's advisors. [Roll a d6 for how many.]


A hibernating serial killer.

Your hideout.

A fanatic cult.

Your ship has been taken.

A friend with a pirate crew.


Nothing of value. [Roll again for what you are supposed to be carrying.]

A badly outmatched fleet about to engage the enemy in a last-ditch battle.

You don't know. [DM secretly flips a coin, if heads then there is no one, if tails roll again].

A new navigator. (Probably best to not tell him what happened to the last one.)

A family member with a commission in the Imperial Navy.