Dark Age Encounters (d46)

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These encounter ideas are intended for a Dark Ages (or early middle-ages) Ironsworn campaign.
In my story, set in Britain in the year of Our Lord 999, the presence of Faerie and the Old Gods, is fading but there is still some magic in the world. In the Faerie Realm (accessible only in certain places) an on-going war between Elves and Trolls occupies most of their efforts.

d46 Result


You Resolve: {meet|hear|hear about} a Bard.
Resolve: {He|She} is a Resolve: {simple minstrel|Trained keeper of oral-history|member of a magical order}.
Interracting with this Bard could let you... Gather Info? Make Camp?
They have recently Resolve: {managed to insult some noble who is even now pursuing them|learned a song which holds a clue to some {dangerous location|treasure|Ritual}}


You meet a Noble (alone). Resolve: {He|She} is Resolve: {clearly noble|Dressed discreetly} They are Resolve: {mounted|unmounted} and apparently Resolve: {in trouble|just travelling|hunting|{going to|coming from} a {Moot|Party}|pursued|injured}


You meet a Resolve: {Witchfinder|Exorcist}. They are likely to be Resolve: {1-2?Real|3?Fake|4?Misguided fools}.
They are Resolve: {with a captured {young|middle-aged|old} {man|woman}|on their way to a new job}.
You could Gather Info? Help them ? Help the captive, who is likely to be Resolve: {Innocent|Insane|Evil}?
Do you travel with them - if they have been sent for, there is Resolve: {some adventure|some chance for employment} at the location.


You Resolve: {meet|see|hear about} an Resolve: {old|middle-aged|young} Witch who has recently been captured.
She Resolve: {does|doesn’t} look like a witch. She is Resolve: {normal|pretty|beautiful|ugly|deformed|half-elf|half-troll|half-faerie} and in a cage being escorted by Resolve: {priests|militia|militia and a priest}.
They are likely to be Resolve: {a good witch|an evil witch|an innocent victim of hysteria|being framed|being framed by a priest}
Will you help her ? If she escaped and showed real power, would you help the others?
Would you ask her for help (magically improve your momentum or supply or spirit or health or use a Ritual for you)?
If you ask her to do something for you Face Danger and on a miss you will Resolve: {be discovered and branded a heretic|be pursued by a witchfinder|be tricked}


You meet Resolve: {a Trades{man|-woman}|group of tradesmen - the leader is a {man|woman}}. They are Resolve: {working|on their way {to|from} work}.
Their current employment is working on Resolve: {building a Church|Building a Fort/Castle|building a house|something else}
You could Camp? Resupply? Gather Info?
They Resolve: {need|don’t need} any materials.
They Resolve: {are|aren’t} in some kind of trouble.
If they are in trouble, they are likely to have walked out on an unfinished job due to cruel employer, who will be coming after them. They are unlikely to have Resolve: {cheated|stolen something from} their previous employer.
If there is some trouble, what will your character do?


You meet a Mercenary - Resolve: {He|She} is Resolve: {currently employed|looking for work (could employ them yourself)}
They might Resolve: {need help|be lost|be drunk and {dangerous|harmless}| be pursued by {a beast|brigands}|be hostile|be secretly looking for YOU (if that could make any sense)}
If riled they coud be Resolve: {1?Troublesome|2-3?Dangerous|4?Formidable}.


You Resolve: {meet|see} Resolve: {a Viking Raider|a Viking Raiding party}.
They are Resolve: {lost|left behind because they are berserker|sneaking up on a target {homestead|monastery}}
Will you hide or raise an alarm? will you join them ? maybe sneak off to find their boat and then raise an alarm? why are they here and how dangerous are they? Use the Oracle for the threat level.


Boat. At a river or lake. Could be Resolve: {fishing|travelling|transporting goods|transporting passengers|a ferry}. Possibly Resolve: {abandoned|wrecked|stuck|man-overboard|on fire|being used by smugglers}


Resolve: {An Elf {Lord|Lady}|A Troll {Lord|Lady}|An Elf|A Troll|A Dwarf|A Giant|A Goblin|A lesser faerie {Sprite|Jack-a-lantern|Dryad|Talking beast}}
They are Resolve: {hunting something|hunting you|travelling|injured|duelling another of their kind|being hunted|looking for a mortal to do a quest for them|intending to trick you|wanting to engage you in a {riddling|rhyming|musical|joke-telling|combat|heart|wits|shadow|iron} contest}.


Charlatan. Claims Resolve: {to be|to have} something they do not. Carries Resolve: {a fake message|a treasure} or offers Resolve: {an apparent bargain|to travel with you|to Make Camp}.


Brigands. Resolve: {Just passing by|Waiting in ambush|Using some kind of trick|With some kind of trap|Running from the law. Would your character help stop them or help them get away|In the process of robbing...}


A place - Resolve: {built|natural|supernatural}. Originally meant to be Resolve: {inhabited|uninhabited|ceremonial}. Currently Resolve: {inhabited by the original creators|inhabited by {someone|something} else|uninhabited}. This place is Resolve: {recent|ancient} and is Resolve: {Guarded by...|unguarded}.


A Farmer Resolve: {working in the fields|heading to market|returning from market}, possibly Resolve: {injured|in trouble}.


You reach a place. Resolve: {It is an expected waypoint on your journey|An unexpected place}. The inhabitants are Resolve: {friendly|neutral|dangerous}. There is Resolve: {something here that is {valuable|normal|inconvenient|worthless}|nothing here of value}


You discover an Item. Resolve: {Lost|Left deliberately|Hidden|Trapped}. The original owner is Resolve: {trackable|unknown} but is probably Resolve: {looking for it|unaware of their loss|long dead}. The item is Resolve: {ancient|recent} and of value as Resolve: {an Asset|a + 1 Supply|a purely interesting find}.


You meet some special type of person - use your imagination - go with something unlikely, unexpected but stay believable in the fiction


You discover a Plant. It could be Resolve: {a useful herb|food|poison}. It is likely to be Resolve: {valuable|harmful|supernatural} and Resolve: {is free for the taking|clearly belongs to somebody else|protected by...}


You meet a Goatherd. This Resolve: {old|young|middle-aged} Resolve: {man|woman} seems initially Resolve: {friendly|neutral|hostile} Perhaps they Resolve: {have lost {some of|all of} their goats|are in danger|Are not what they seem}.


You Resolve: {see|meet|see evidence of} a God. This entity is likely to be in disguise - hints to the reader but the adventurer does not know.
Resolve: {Hel|Loki|Thor|Odin} may be Resolve: {just passing by, and might be approachable|On a mission and you have {a|no} part to play in it}.
This may Resolve: {Foreshadow something momentous|be a purely random encounter}.


You meet a Green Knight. This is some type of Resolve: {magical warriior||Faerie creature|mortal under an enchantment}.
They are Resolve: {Guarding a Bridge|Offering a Challenge|Offering a trick to lure you to doom|Wanting Help!}


You meet a Gypsy on the road. Resolve: {He|She} may be Resolve: {a travelling farm worker|a tinker with trinkets to sell|a rag and bone collector with {nothing but junk - 1 Supply|some useful bargains + 1 Supply}|a fortune teller with {real|fake} ability|an exiled prince in hiding|a minstrel willing to make camp with you|a whore}.


You meet a Leper. Is charity worth the risk? Although real-world leprosy isn't infectious, remember you are a Dark Ages person. Does the character believe cruel diseases are probably a just punishment from god?
If you are kind-hearted, Resolve: {some benefit could arise from helping|The leper may take advantage of your good nature}.
The leper could be Resolve: {being harassed by ...|in disguise}.They may Resolve: {mean you harm|mean you no harm}.
Perhaps they need Resolve: {escorting to some safe place|some medical supplies fetching|a message taking to their family}.
This could be Resolve: {a ruse|exactly what it seems}.


You meet a Herbalist. Resolve: {He|She} is Resolve: {seeking materials|selling potions or materials|currently brewing a potion|rushing to aid somebody|running away from {a beast|brigands|angry customers}}.
Their concoctions are Resolve: {poisonous|foul-smelling|delicious|effective}


You meet a Resolve: {Hunter|Poacher} Resolve: {returning from a {successful|unsuccessful} hunt|in the middle of their work}.
You Resolve: {disturb their prey|set off one of their traps|are hunting the same thing}.
You could Resolve: {share a camp|Share information - {He|She} might know of something interesting nearby}.
They are likely to Resolve: {be friendly|stab you in your sleep|be a scout for some brigands}.


You Resolve: {meet|spot|hear about} a Hermit. Resolve: {He|She} is Resolve: {Religious|sick| "touched"} and may be Resolve: {a criminal in hiding|a witch/wizard|something else in disguise}.
Due to Resolve: {a curse|their peculiar nature} they Resolve: {speak only in riddles|only answer questions spoken in rhyme|Have secret knowledge|just talk nonsense|do not speak}
Granting them a gift or aid might Resolve: {give an unknown reward|just be wasted}.


You Resolve: {meet|spot|hear} a Lumberjack - should have called this a Woodcutter! Resolve: {He|She} could be Resolve: {on their way to work|on their way back {to camp|home}|in trouble|injured|running from {a beast|brigands|a supernatural encounter}}.
They have Resolve: {information about the local area|a friendly/trusting nature|a dark secret - {werewolf|ghost|murderer}|a plan to challenge you to some feat of lumberjackery}


You meet a Merchant. Resolve: {He|She} Resolve: {has something to sell|is travelling to market|is travelling to collect something|has just been robbed|wants to sell something to you|needs help|wants to travel together for safety|wants info about the road ahead|can offer info about where they have come from|is secretly working for Brigands}.


You meet some Militia. They are Resolve: {guarding something|on the way {to|from} somewhere|patrolling because of some recent trouble...|{(press-ganging)|looking for volunteers}|lost|need help|hostile|willing to share a Camp}


You meet a Monk. He seems Resolve: {Rich|Poor}. He is likely to be Resolve: {Devout|Fake}. He may Resolve: {have taken a Vow of Silence|want to preach to the character (persuading him to {undertake a quest|donate Supply}}.
The monk is Resolve: {travelling to a site of {expected|reported} miracles|heading to a local Holy place}


You meet a small party of Nobles led by Resolve: {a man|a woman}. They are Resolve: {hunting|travelling} and are Resolve: {polite and friendly|haughty and rude}.
They may Resolve: {offer to travel together|invite you to join in riotous gambling and drinking}. If you remain with them the Noble Resolve: {goes too far|gets into trouble|turns against you|dumps the blame for something onto you}?


You Resolve: {meet|spot|hear about} a large group of Nobles led by a Resolve: {man|woman}. They could be Resolve: {warlike|a drunken party|a Royal Procession}. Resolve: {Some|None} of them are known to you. You are likely to be Resolve: {known|unknown} to them.
They might Resolve: {trust|demand that} you to perform a discreet and Resolve: {1?Troublesome|2-3?Dangerous|4?Formidable} mission for Resolve: {no|a reasonable|a generous} reward.


You meet Resolve: {a Nun|some Nuns}. They could be Resolve: {on-the-run|Travelling {to|from} a place of pilrimage|driven out of their convent by...}. You may be able to escort them or talk to them (they may be able to offer you some Resolve: {healing|spiritual advice|information}


You meet Resolve: {a peddlar|some peddlars} (Resolve: {male|female|mixed gender}). They may be Resolve: {in trouble|travelling without wares|travelling with wares}. There may be an opportunity to Sojourn with them ? Maybe re-supply? Gather Info?
They may be Resolve: {really thieves and you might wake up bound and gagged with some or all of your stuff missing|just what they seem}


You meet Resolve: {a pilgrim|a group of pilgrims}. I know it's 200 years to early but think Canterbury Tales. If it's a group, make them an interesting mixture of people. They are mainly on a pilgrimmage because they are Resolve: {sick|devout|seeking a blessing for their {friends|family|business}|hoping to become priests|avoiding creditors|Guilty of some sins and need to atone}.
They may be likely to Resolve: {need help|want to share their stories and hear yours|want to convince you to join them}.
They may be likely to Resolve: {have some {unusual|heretical} practices|ulterior motive for asking you to join|no evil intentions}


Runaway Resolve: {boy|girl}. Aged Resolve: {1?2yrs|2-3?8yrs|4?12yrs}.
Getting them to trust you might be a Resolve: {1-2?Troublesome|3?Dangerous|4?Formidable} scene challenge.
Should you escort them where you are headed? Should you try to take them home or to some other place of safety that is off course for your current quest?
It is likely Resolve: {to be|to not be} a trick to lure you to a trap.
Will whoever they are running from misinterpret what you are doing.
It Resolve: {is|is not} likely the child will become "stuck" to you if you manage to befriend it.


You meet Resolve: {a runaway slave|some runaway slaves}.
They initially appear to be Resolve: {desperate and frightened|Poorly-dressed farm workers}.
You should envision what the signs and legal ramifications of slavery are. It was legal in the Dark Ages. It wasn't a skin colour thing, but may have been based on prisoners of war or criminality.
Would you let them be re-taken ? Would you assist in recapturing them or to help them get away? How much would you risk for a stranger? They are Resolve: {Male|Female}, Resolve: {Old|Middle-aged|Young}, Resolve: {uneducated|educated} and likely to be Resolve: {dangerous|troublesome}.


You Resolve: {meet|see|hear about} a seller of relics.
Resolve: {He|She} is a Resolve: {True Believer|Cynical seller of possibly genuine goods|Fraudster who appears to be utterly devout|Fraudster who is clearly a good-natured chancer} Irrespective of the seller and their beliefs, the relics are Resolve: {really holy|fake|magical|valuable}
The seller is likely to have info about some Resolve: {local opportunity for adventure|local event|recent miracle|forthcoming miracle|on-going miracle}. This news is likely to be Resolve: {true|false|not entirely what you expect}


You meet a Resolve: {young|old} shepherd. Resolve: {He|She} Resolve: {is looking for lost sheep|is in danger from a beast...|not what they seem}


You Resolve: {meet|are waylaid by} Resolve: {a slaver|a group of slavers}.
They Resolve: {have|don’t have} other captives.
They seem to be Resolve: {generally kind|incredibly brutal}
Does your character feel any sympathy for the slaves?
Envision What usually prevents them from escaping?
The slaver Resolve: {is hunting for a runaway|trying to enslave you}


You meet a Smith Resolve: {on the road|at a small roadside forge|at his normal place of work}. Smiths are usually found at a Forge in a village, town or keep. They were considered to be a valuable resource and there have been suggestions that some were crippled to prevent them leaving their community!
If they are travelling Resolve: {Ask the Oracle why|are they being pursued|It is not for any unusual reason}.
If this is not at a village, keep, castle, would it make sense in the fiction for this to be the mystical Weyland Smith (legendary smith of the gods).
You could get/buy/steal Resolve: {an Asset|+1 supply|an Ingredient you need}
It is Resolve: {likely|unlikely} that somebody has stolen an item they were Resolve: {repairing|making} for a hostile patron and they have to get it back.


You Resolve: {meet|see|hear of} Resolve: {a smuggler|some smugglers}. They currently Resolve: {have no goods|are carrying some smuggled goods}
It is Resolve: {likely|unlikely} you can tell exactly what they are.
Do you want to buy something at a very good price (gaining + 1 supply or + 2 supply).
How does your character feel about “low-level” criminality? Is smuggling an “honourable profession” in your opinion? Is the tax on goods oppressive?
If you do take advantage of this bargain, there will be a chance you will run into a tax-collector a few hours later. The chance depends on whether you take Nothing, +1 supply or +2 supply.
If you took nothing the chance is Resolve: {1?10%|2-3?20%|4?50% (and the tax collector wants to arrest you anyway)}.
If you took +1 supply the chance is Resolve: {1?20%|2-3?40%|4?60% (and the tax collector will want to arrest you or get you to give evidence against the smuggler in court}
If you took +2 supply the chance is Resolve: {1?30%|2-3?50%|4?70% (and the tax collector will want to arrest you or get you to give evidence against the smuggler in court and the smuggler will hire an assassin to shut you up}


You Resolve: {find|are robbed by} a Resolve: {boy|girl} aged Resolve: {1?6|2-3?9|4?12} years.
They appear to be Resolve: {Injured|Sick|Starving|Forced into a crimonal life by brigands}
Actually this is likely to be Resolve: {true|a lie}.
What will you do with them? Will a parent or guardian or employer turn up? Are their parents in trouble. Is the parent drunk and abusive?


You meet an old Resolve: {man|woman}. roll again for previous occupation. They appear to be Resolve: {wealthy|poor} and Resolve: {senile|lost|in trouble|sick|recently robbed}. They could be agood source of Resolve: {local knowledge|magical knowledge|funds|secretly a wizard/witch}


You Resolve: {meet|see|hear about} a Ghost. Resolve: {He|She} is a deceased Resolve: {person|elf|troll}
They are Resolve: {likely|unlikely} to be a Quest Giver Resolve: {(unfinished business)|(revenge)|(help somebody still living)|want something that makes no sense yet but will resolve something}.
Otherwise they will be purely hostile and terrifying - Endure Stress - run away or fight with magic.


Roll Twice the encounter is in disguise


Roll Twice for mixed encounter