Deep One Allegiance (2d6)

Whether thay are full-blooded or hybrid, fish-people tend to worship ancient cthonic deities. This worship can colour their behaviors and their interactions with land dwellers.

2d6 Result


Geryon, the Snake - Infernalists. Remarkable disciplined, these Deep Ones capture slaves and wage war for the glory of Hell.


Charon, the Boatman - Necromancers. These Deep Ones call up the unrestful dead.


Gogrunta, Demon Lord of Amphibians - Expansionists. These Deep Ones conquers lands and fight to defend them.


Dagon, the Destroying Shadow from the Sea - Raiders. These Deep Ones launch attacks onto land to capture resources.


Dagon, Primordial God of the Ocean Depths - Savages. These Deep Ones follow the nearly bestial ways of their ancestors.


Cthulhu, the Great Old One - Devotees. These Deep Ones seek to awake their ancient god through dark sacrifices.


Cthulhu, the High Priest of the Sunken Lands - Lore Keepers. These Deep Ones possess secret lore handed down from destroyed civilisations.


Oaur-Ooung, the Qlippoth Mistress of the Tainted Ocean - Corruptors. The Deep Ones seek to spread the vile taint of their deity by subtle means.


Azathoth, That Which Dreams the Universe - Nihilists. Morose and uncaring, these Deep Ones know the end of all worlds is near.


Olhydra, Princess of Elemental Water - Elementalists. These Deep Ones are obsessed with the power of elemental water.


Cthulhu, Destroyer of Civilisation - Anarchists. These Deep Ones seeks the destruction of civilisation and all its evils.