Ironsworn - Endure Harm (d100)

Rolls on the Endure Harm table in Ironsworn

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Rolls on the Endure Harm table in Ironsworn


Ironsworn by Shawn Tomkin (

d100 Result


The wound is mortal. Face Death.


You are dying. You will need to Heal within an hour or two or Face Death.


You are unconscious and out of action. If left alone you will come back to your senses in an hour or two. If you are vulnerable to a foe not inclined to show mercy then Face Death.


You are reeling and fighting to stay conscious. If you engage in any vigorous activity (such as running or fighting) before taking a breather for a few minutes roll on this table again (before resolving the other move) and act on the result.


You are battered but still standing.