Variant Goblin Cultures (d8)

Not every Goblin has to be a cave-dwelling brigand. Roll on this table if you want some variety to this classic race in your campaign.

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d8 Result


Goblins are an affluent race and are commonly established among civilized towns as as financiers, particularly Roll d4 on [moneylenders;investors;speculators;bankers].


Goblins are artisians renowned for their Roll d4 on [smithing;leatherworking;cooking;jewel-making] skills, often forming and taking up prominent roles in various guilds for their craft.


Goblins live in Roll d6 on [trees;mountains;plains;tundra;coastal regions;swamps] in a Roll d4 on [matriarchal;patriarchal;monarchist;democratic] society.


Goblins are a slave race for humanoids, often used Roll d4 on [for hard labour;as civil servants;as expendable warriors;as novelty servants for nobility].


Goblins utilize their shrewd cunning to work as merchants, predominantly Roll d6 on [as scavengers;sailing port to port to sell their wares;undercutting the rates of humanoid races;using their stalls as a front for information brokerage;high quality goods at fair price;souvenirs, novelties, and party tricks].


Goblins are commonly Roll d8 on [devil;demon;peace;storm;dragon;death;fertility;nature] worshippers.


Goblins are nomadic by nature, travelling as Roll d8 on [minstrels;treasure hunters;soothsayers;monster hunters;sages;groups based around one or more large family;knowledge-seekers;sellswords].


Goblins are considered to be common folk. Many live their lives as Roll d5 on [farmers;second-class citizens;tavern owners;school teachers;nannies]