Village/Urban Non-Combat encounters in a Fantasy Setting (d30)

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d30 Encounter


Local law enforcement tries to arrest one or more players for breaking some obscure law. If the players resist, reinforcements show up in Roll 1d2 minute(s).


A random party member is robbed of something valuable by a pickpocket. The thief is Roll d3 on [1-2:caught red handed;3-5:in the middle of escaping when the missing item is noticed;6:gone without a trace].


A public execution is taking place. The accused Roll d3 on [1-4:begs for mercy;5-7:accepts their death;8:recognizes one of the players and calls out to them].


A random party member finds a scrap of parchment placed in their pocket. Roll d4 on [1:It's wrapped around a small wooden key and has a crude map with directions written on it;2:It looks to be a coded phrase;3:Written on it is a local tavern name, and a time in the evening;4:It's a torn piece of stationery embossed with sigil of a local guild or noble house with HELP US hastily written on it in blood].


An elderly local mistakes a player for a distant relative, chides them for not visiting more often, and invites them to dinner.


A young apprentice wearing a Roll d6 on [1:baker's;2:blacksmith's;3:carpenter's;4:leatherworker's;5:butcher's;6:mason's] apron and with fresh welts on their body sprints around a corner and dashes past the players. An angry-looking adult in the same type of apron follows behind weilding a tool of their trade like a bludgeon.


Local law enforcement approach the players and grill them incessantly for their whereabouts regarding a recently committed Roll d4 on [1:alleyway mugging;2:arson;3:spree of thefts from the aristocracy;4:grisly murder].


The players notice a small child in rags is looking to rob a nearby merchant of food. If the party do nothing about this, the child is caught in the attempt by the merchant.


A festival is taking place, celebrating Roll d3 on [1:a religious holiday;2:the anniversary of an historical event of the town;3:the birth of a child of royalty]. The locals are Roll d3 on [1:dancing to musicians;2:watching a parade;3:drinking and feasting in the street].


For their own amusement, a wizard casts an enchantment on one of the players making them extremely Roll d10 on [1:angry;2:terrified;3:paranoid;4:joyful;5:despondent;6:avaricious;7:hungry;8:drunk;9:contrary;10:cruel].


The players notice an angry mob surrounding a person whose race/species makes them second-class in this town. They're accused of Roll d5 on [1-3:petty theft;4-5:worshipping evil gods;6-7:being a spy;8-9:relations with someone of a different race/species;10:being born]. Before long they are being pelted with stones by the mob.


A street minstrel notices the players and Roll d3 on [1:asks to hear a tale of their adventures to write as a song;2:asks for their favourite song to play;3:immediately pester the wealthiest looking player character for money.]


Roll 1d4 child/children take interest in the players and any weapons they have, asking questions about themselves and their adventurers like if they can cast magic and what monsters they have killed.


The weather suddenly changes dramatically (e.g. from sunny to snowstorm) and then back again less than a minute later. The locals seem unsurprised by this.


An nearby attractive, exhorbitantly-dressed noble takes a fascination in one of the players and their simple ways. This is likely romantic in nature. In reality this person is Roll d6 on [1:a dragon in disguise and considers the player their pet;2:broke but wanted to convince the player to go on a quest without paying for it;3:simply a bored dilettante and their suitor is now enraged at the player;4:exceedingly jealous and possessive, and makes the life of the player difficult if she doesn't get what she wants; 5:distracting and delaying the adventurers for sinister reasons;6:genuinely in love with the player].


A merchant tries selling a well-made item to the players; one of the players realizes it's magical. The price is high for a mundane item but a bargain for a magic item. In reality Roll d3 on [1-3:the merchant has no idea it's magical;4-5:the merchant does this as a scam, any magical artifacts or magical aura is just there for show, the item is mundane;6:the item is not magical at all and the merchant is naive that it is trying to even appear magical].


A baker is offering free samples to people on the street in an attempt to drum up business. The food is Roll d5 on [1-2:exquisite;3-5:good;6-9:adequate;10-11:awful;12:poisoned].


Roll 3d6 guards are cordoning off a section of town and prevent civilians from travelling into it. If asked why they say it's no business or concern of the players.


A local priest proselytising on the street declares the players to be sinful and that they should repent.


A servant rushes to the players, recognizing them by appearance. After asking the players for their names, each player is given an individually named handwritten invitation, to a banquet or ball held that night by the aristocracy. The servant has never met the players nor has idea why they were invited.


The players discover a wishing well in town. Anyone who throws a coin in Roll d2 on [1-5:has wasted their money;6:receives a small blessing or bonus for the rest of their stay in town]


An stray dog starts following the players incessantly. If they go indoors it will follow if allowed, otherwise it waits outside. If asked why it's following, it barks and starts leading the players to a location in the city. If ever kicked or abused it leaves the players.


Roll d3 on [1:Monks;2:Druids;3-4:A funeral procession] solemnly march past the players.


A merchant and a potential customer are having an argument about the perceived worth of a product. They start dragging players into their argument demanding they answer questions about the quality and and value of the product.


A wedding is taking place in the street.


A number of people are heading in the opposite direction to the players. The people ask why the players are not heading for service at the nearby church or temple. Anyone who says they're not going is met with tuts and disapproving glares.


One or more of the players notice a demonic creature on the shoulders of a random person in the street. It winks at them, then vanishes.


The party pass a tavern, beckoning people in with Roll d4 on [1:laughter and singing;2:music and dancing;3:delicious aroma of enticing food;4:warmth from cold weather]


A small child throws rotten fruit at a random player, Roll d3 on [1-2:missing them;3-7:pelting them on their body;8:hitting them square in the face]. The child runs away laughing.


Roll 2d4 children run past in the middle of a game of Roll d2 on [1:pretending to be heroes and monsters;2:a local sport].